Sunday, 20 June 2010

I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine

Sarah H


Steph (topshop princess)




Emma said...

Lovely outfits girlies :)
I really like Bianca's choice of colour, it really suits her skin tone.
And I also love Kristine's top.

Jen said...

I love Kristine's white trainers and rocking tee!

Jo said...

Laura, you are stunning!

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

Ahhh thanks Jo! That's so sweet of you..

Loving the other girlies outfits though!

Mwahh Xx

Poppy said...

I love Laura's outfit it's so cute!

maphi said...

i really love laura's ouffit

Lane :) said...

<3 kristine's look. :D

kristinebrendmo said...

= ) aw, thank you guys! <3

mb said...

Laura's hair is amazing. LOVE it!