FAQS ( )

I emailed you a photo but it isn't on the blog. Why?
We upload our photos in batches, so it could be that we haven't got around to adding your picture yet. However, if its been a while, it could be that your email didn't go through, or your image didn't adhere to our blog rules.

I saw someone who's style I loved. How can I find out more about them?
We have a blogroll on the right hand side of our site, so check that. Unfortunately, not everyone who submits a photo has a blog, or gives us their link, but if they do, we include them. Also, we tag each post with the names of its contributors, so click their name in the tag and it will bring up a list of posts that they feature in. We know we will probably have a lot of people with the same name, so wherever possible we will use initials, and you might still have to sort through some posts, but this is the easiest way to categorise.