Yeah, I know, rules were made to be broken and all that, but we need a few ground rules to make our lives easier and to make I Know What You Wore This Summer to be a fun place to visit. If your submission does not adhere to the rules it won't be uploaded, but there aren't many and they aren't too demanding, k?

1 - Only one photo is to be submitted (just because we can't spend forever uploading more than one) and it should be a head to toe shot if possible. If not, don't worry, its just this will show more of your outfit. If you send in more than one image, we will upload the one we think best shows your outfit.

2 -There is a blogroll on the side of all the people that want to be linked, linking to you lovely people specifically after each outfit will take forever so everyone will just be linked down the side. It makes all of our lives easier!

3 - Everyones photos will be posted. The only suit we won't show is someone's birthday suit, so unless your photo is in some way offensive or not safe for work, it will be shown.

4 - If you want to add the shops you purchased your items at, you should try wherever possible to add text to your image, even if you only do it in paint in the bottom corner. Its not necessary to list where you got your clothing from, but for those who want to do it, please do it on the actual image, so there is less text for us to type up when we upload the photos.

5 - All images submitted should be your own. Stealing isn't big or clever and is usually obvious, so please only submit photos of your beautiful selves.

6 - This should go without saying, but no foul language or insults will be tolerated. We are proud to accept photos from all shapes, all sizes and all styles. If you have a negative comment, please keep it to yourself, for this is a place of love and fun and the magic happy unicorns (ie editors) will come along and delete your black black words. 

Now lets have fun!