Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturday 22nd May 2010


perfectly polished



Victoria said...

Looking good ladies!

Thanks for getting involved and sending in your piccies!


Olenka :) said...

woah, jess your room looks beautiful! especially that furniture in the station! yes please :) xxx

Perfectly Polished said...

haha classy toliet pic! ;)

Gemma said...

Gorgeous ladies! x

sabrina said...

I love this idea! Think I will email you later... Is there anychance you could include peoples link cause I would love to visit the first girls blog X

Gemma said...

Yeah we have a blogroll on the right hand side with peoples links!

Some people don't have a blog so we only include links people give us :)

And send us a photo! xxxx

The Bitch said...

i love the room of jess <3